Chiropractic care and Infertility

A little bit about my journey and treatment thus far with Dr. Glenn Caley from Caley Chiropractic....
Initially I went to see Dr. Caley with back and groin pain which was not severe, but I wanted to get to the root cause and prevent any running injuries.
Image:  Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash
Through chatting to Dr. Caley and opening up about life & our struggle to fall pregnant,  he soon became very intrigued with our infertility journey.
Specific Chiropractic care has been said to help couples conceive who had previously struggled to do so. I thought I would continue with Chiropractic care with Dr. Caley and see what happens.
Dr. Caley explains below further:
“The truth is - Chiropractic doesn’t cure or fix any specific symptom or condition. Chiropractic removes the interference that is blocking vital messages between your brain and body which may cause you to not function properly and lead to a huge host of symptoms.
There were two main subluxations (spinal nerve pressure as a result of altered spinal positioning and movement) found on our examination. The first was in her sacrum (the bone in the middle of the pelvis) and the second was right up at the top of her neck.
There are 2 main ways to look at how nervous system dysfunction may effect someone’s ability to fall pregnant.
Your brain communicates with your hormone secreting glands via nerves. These nerves carry vital information to the brain from the gland, and from the brain back to the gland. Direct nerve pressure may obstruct the required nerve signalling and may lead to a disruption in distribution of hormone secretion.
The uterus, cervix and ovaries are also directly innervated by nerves exiting the spine. Altered nerve function to these structures may result in unhealthy tissue.
Our goal in Gonstead Chiropractic care is to remove nervous system pressure so the body can optimally communicate to the brain what it needs, when it needs it and in what quantity.”
X-Ray One
I love the way Dr. Caley works, precise, gentle and accurate. Dr. Caley requested that I have updated X-rays taken so that he can see clearly what is happening with my spine and pelvis. When I walked into his room, I immediately noticed the VERY EXPLICIT X-ray on the screen. I was mortified, but soon moved past that - hence the HUGE star :)
Spinal X-Ray
It is super interesting to see how your spine looks, where possible rotations are and how the smallest adjustment makes the biggest difference. 
2 Months under the care of Dr. Caley with adjustments twice a week, which has decreased to once a week the past month and it feels like my body moves with much more ease. 
I’ll keep you posted on changes and progression.
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