Got M*lk? Cause we do

Although we still love our regular dose of smoothies during the winter months, some mornings we prefer to have a warm bowl of superfood goodness... which is why we are so incredibly excited to introduce the OkJa Oat M*lk family to our online Wellness Shop. 

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Wellness Close Up

We have come a long way since launching Alchemize in my home kitchen during the 2020 lockdown, and it brings me so much gratitude to hear how convenient our ready-to-blend plant-based smoothies have helped you stay well and inspired.


Introducing Wellness Enthusiast Edwin van der Walt...since following actor and writer, Edwin van der Walt, we have been super inquisitive about knowing his secrets to perform at his best. Here's one of the many wellness routines that Edwin swears by:
 "Every morning I do a 6min slow breathing exercise. This reduces stress and soothes my mind while lowering my heart rate and blood pressure. Inhale 4 seconds (Nose)... Exhale 6 seconds (Mouth)... repeat for 6 minutes. Less stress, less inflammation and smashing my day with being more present in each moment."
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How is keen to give it a go with me?
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xxx Nadia