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Our vision with the journal is to share everything to do with creating wellness for you and in your life be it physically, emotionally or spiritually. 

Nadia Turton Alchemize smoothies


I am Nadia and my wellness journey started in 2015 a few years inter our fertility journey. Researching ways to nurture and nourish our bodies is a passion I love to fuel, equally to running, surfing, mountain biking (where I fall A LOT) and not forgetting sharing a beautiful G&T or a glass of chilled vino with family and friends.
I live to eat beautiful, delicious and nutritious food. I love experimenting with food and hardly ever follow recipes, sometimes to my husbands detriment and sometime I do surprise him with an amazing creation. I'll be sharing all these creations on the blog, but please don't expect beautifully curated and styled photography, I do most of this in the moment. 
Alchemize Fiber Rich smoothie


My vision for Alchemize is to create wellness magic one frozen, ready to blend, seriously good for your smoothie at a time. Being vegan friendly, 100% Natural whole food with no added sugar, additives or preservatives, gluten and dairy free. Our smoothies have a maximum of 2 fruit and loaded with vegetables. Which makes it so easy to up your daily fruit and veg intake in a super delicious and convenient way. it is perfect for a busy on the go lifestyle with no preparation, no food waste, just blend and ready to drink. Best of all it promotes gut health, which is so important for mind, body and soul. 

We hope you find our smoothies just as delicious and nutritious as we do. 

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Nadia Turton

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Hope you have enjoy this journey with me. 

xx Nadia